Hack for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is well known as one of the worst positions to sleep in, and for good reason. Try walking around all day with your neck cranked to one side and see how good you feel. It’s no different when you’re sleeping, and can cause some serious problems over long periods of time. But who can help it if it’s the most comfortable way to get some shut eye? (not me)

So, during my long nights spent sleeping on my back and side, rolling around and trying to resist the urge of stomach sleeping happiness, I have developed a hack which will allow us to essentially sleep face-down. That is, without having to use one of THESE…


…masterful contraptions. Someone needs to invent a pillow you can breathe through.

So, it’s actually pretty simple. Just buy a cheap, thick neck pillow like so:


And turn is where the opening is towards your neck. This way, your face is lifted off the bed so you can breathe. Happy sleeping!



My Year In Memories (and rhymes and pictures)


January was a blast
But why’d it have to pass so fast?

February, I love you
Donuts all a pretty hue


Easter in March was hecka sweet
Bunnies, ‘n eggs, ‘n sugary treats

(we also BEGAN *not finished* remodeling the bathroom)

In April me and Nick coded a game
And we called it Dozeball but it was pretty lame

We also found this orange turtle
And so, to rhyme, I’ll just say hurtle.


In May my grandma came back home
It did her heart some good to roam


June was the month of EPICNESS
I remember it so flawless

We stayed at grandma’s for a week
It was a winning streak
And I was a cool chillaxed dude
Meanwhile Nick ate all grandma’s food

NEXT we camped out at the lake
And boy was that not a mistake!
The fourth of July was so much fun!
Fireworks are better with the fishes, hun

And somehow around our summer pizzazz, Nick and I volunteered at the library! 🙂

At the end of July, Nick and I
Attended the Summer Arts Academy
Where we took a woodworking and sculpture class, as well as a stone carving class.





I owe a special shout out
To this little guy ^

He left a paw print on our heart
And put a jump in our step
And it’s ok he’s gone
Because we’ll never forget

September was so busy
When I think it makes me dizzy!
4 birthdays, one MOVE, several rehearsals,
and to top it all off…


4 GRAND PERFORMANCES!!! of A Murder of Scarecrows.

On the 3rd of October we got a new friend
And this one, I say, will be here till the end.


LOUIE BOW BOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 31st of October, we set out, spirits high
I, dressed as a cat, ready to comply
And we earned ourselves quite a sweet streak
A bag of beauteous candy that lasted no more than a week

November has come and nearly gone
A great wonderful time
Not at all overdrawn
Taters and turkey and gravy, oh my!!
But family brings such a joy
That you simply cannot buy

Oh, how I’m excited for you!
Festive, un-restive, and I’ll never be blue

🙂 🙂 🙂


The 8 Stages of Theatre Kids

Stage 1: Auditions


Stage 2: You got the part


Stage 3: First Rehearsal

Oh boy, I am so happy! This is great! I love theatre! ❤

Stage 4: Mid-Rehearsals

I’m a little tired…

Stage 5: Still Mid-Rehearsals

I am so freaking tired.

Stage 6: Only a few rehearsals left


Stage 7: Night before opening night

What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do! Maybe I can pretend I can died or something. No that’s stupid. There’s no way to get out of this. I have cold sweats. I’m gonna faint onstage. I’m doomed!

Stage 8: Right after opening show

That was the most spectacular thing I ever did omg I am soo happy!!! I can’t believe myself getting all worked up like that! I ❤ theatre this is so great! Thanks God. ❤

It’s aaaaalllll worth it in the end.

Kass Interviews Kass


*nervous squee*  emoji_sexface

So anywayyyy, the media came last night and I overheard the questions they were asking but they didn’t ask me so I guess I’ll just have to do it myself, ha. :”)

Kass: Tell me a little bit about your character.

Kass: Ok, sure thing! I play the role of Clarice Jarrett, in her late twenties, who was dragged into a mess of a Halloween party by some guy I barely know, and then said guy proceeds to jump through door swinging an axe and yelling bloody murder. It’s a heck of a time. 🙂

Kass: Wow! That’s great! Is this your first show?

Kass: No, it’s my 4th.

Kass: Impressive…what keeps you coming back?

Kass: Well, you see, I LOVE the adrenaline that pumps through my veins when I’m on stage, it’s so exhilarating, and I always make new friends and have a great time. It’s really just awesome all around. 🙂

Kass: Mhm, that sounds like a ton of fun! Last but not least, why should people come to see your show?

Kass: Oh, good question. A Murder of Scarecrows is a hilarious play with lots of ups and downs for the characters, and a very in depth plot. There’s lots of laughs, and lots of thrills and chills, and it really gets you into the Halloween spirit.

Kass: It does! Well, thank you for your time, break a leg!

Kass: Thank you! 🙂



What I Don’t Understand About People Who Don’t Wanna Travel

Sure, this could be my Sagittarius talking…

But it’s not, so sit down. Are you ready for this?

Your body…was not mean to stay still. What? It wasn’t?!

UHNO! The way our bodies are built, they are literally designed to be in motion, almost all the time. ALMOST 24/7. With the exception of sleeping.

I cringe every time I think of myself, laying in my bed for like 6 HOURS per day, on my computer doing school. (yah that’s right I do school in my bed)

I cringe! I think of my muscles (not the ones in my arms cuz those barely exist), but the ones in my legs and stuff, deteriorating, inside of me. I think of my heart, slowly pumping out molasses-like blood, and it oozing through my arteries until it reaches my exhausted kidney or something. I think of myself, being a weak little sapling because I’m not giving my body what it NEEDS!

I’m getting off topic, but yes, our bodies were meant to move. And our minds were meant to be stimulated and active! What’s stimulating about the same old place, the same old routine, every single day! That’s not life.

So I was talking to my sister, and I happened to mention my uncurable wanderlust virus, and I said, “Wouldn’t you love to travel?”

And she said no.


She went on to tell me it’s because she wasn’t gonna run away from life to go on some “adventure”, and that she didn’t mind doing the same things everyday.

And that’s when I realized we have a very, VERY, different idea of what life really is.

I was confused by her answer, because I didn’t think traveling was running AWAY from life, traveling is living.

My sister told me what she thinks is living.

She said it’s settling down with a family, and getting a job and stuff.

See… I think living is exploring. Getting out of your comfort zone. Having fun and doing what you love.

Life should never be a “routine”. It should be extraordinary. It should be YOURS.

Another reason I believe that we were meant to travel, is because God made this world for us. This whole wide world, is the best gift we could ever, ever, get. Our planet is the most amazing thing, and our lives are so short.

Who in their right mind could throw away that opportunity?

So many people are tied down. So many people are slaves, honestly, to all their crap. What could you possible own, that is more valuable and more precious than Earth itself? A very powerful quote:

Collect moments, not things.

Why I’m going to travel, is a reason that I could not denote to being born in December, to the family I come from, or anything else. Most importantly, it’s in my blood. It’s because I’m human.

I will not live a life of regrets.

I will be free and wild like a wolf.


Why InfoWars Is My Favorite News Source

Fox, CNN, News on 6… They all have their claims to fame, whether it be quick news, “important” news (as in, list of football games, times, and dates for the season), or just “in” news. I’m looking at you Hollywood Life. I’m looking at you…

But come on? Who’s really the star here?

Infowars (yes, that’s who) writes articles daily, and truthful articles. They don’t filter their information and they don’t only include what they want us to know. They give us the whole story, and all the facts, and to be honest you really can’t get this info anywhere else, unless you have the very convenient past time of digging around the deepest darkest trenches of the internet when you have a fishy feeling something doesn’t quite add up…

Which most of us don’t.

Infowars often covers stories that have been completely ignored by other news outlets, purposefully, and they keep their readers informed and up to date on things that actually matter in our society. Quick too. As soon as I hear about an incident I can head over to Infowars and they’ll already have an article about it on their homepage, still fresh. So fresh you can see the steamy heat waves rolling off of it… Anyway.

Not to mention, their crew and it’s friends have a keen sense of humor. *cough* Mr. Dice. *cough* What?

Infowars is my favorite source of news, because I know that they’re NOT in it for the money. They’re NOT in it for their own personal gain. They’re in it because they love their country. Everybody involved in keeping Infowars up and running is honestly a hero, and I hope that someday I can join them in the fight for freedom.

Remember, folks. We ARE the resistance.

Lavender Body Oil Mosquito Repellent!

Here is a super easy recipe that I learned about, which I am taking the liberty to share with you all. 🙂

It’s a body oil that you can rub on your skin in order to repel mosquitoes, and not to mention, it doesn’t stink! It’s actually quite pleasant. 🙂

So you just add 20 drops of lavender essential oil to 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Yeah, that’s all! I told you it was easy. And it’s also VERY potent, so you don’t have to apply it to all of your skin, just your wrists and ankles like you would perfume and BAM! Mosquitoes no more.

P.S. This recipe is (clearly) more efficient during the hot summer months when the mosquitoes are lively and active, and next week it turns fall so sorry for the late notice but I mean there’s still mosquitoes in fall right? Right….