As a part of my New Years Resolutions, I have decided that I need to post on my blog more frequently. Blogging will be a huge portion of my future profession, it’s even in the name – travel blogger. So with my blog right at my fingertips, I think it’s preposterous that I don’t use this time to practice more often, for what I wish to be doing for the rest of my life. You can’t just be, you have to become.

But how much more often should I post? Well currently I post once or so a month, with the exception of a few spurts here and there when motivation has struck me. Here’s a quote I wrote a few nights ago:

The key to success is motivation
The key to motivation is aspiration

Every success begins with a dream…

So I’ll hold myself to once a week for now. I’ll also try to be less sporadic in my choice of topics, and I am going to stick to a lifestyle theme.

PHEW! Now that I’m finished with this dull post I can get to the good stuff! Also I’m not adding any tags because I want as little people to see this as possible but I felt obligated to write it. So there.

See you tomorrow, BLOG!



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