Did I make a post for Halloween? No.

Did I make a post for Thanksgiving? No…


I don’t care if it was yesterday, Christmas is fair game until January 1st so



Christmas, oh Christmas! The day of the year we all love and cherish and are kind of sad when it slips through our fingers and we have to wait allllll the way till next year again.

Though I have to say Christmas shopping isn’t that fun. I did it for my first time this year, like my first REAL time cause when you’re 10 and you draw a picture it doesn’t really count.

Good things about Christmas shopping:

  • Well you only do it at Christmas time so that’s a plus.
  • It involves thoughtfulness and who doesn’t like a nice good season just BRIMMING with thoughtfulness. Deep, deep……thoughtfulness.


Bad things about Christmas shopping:

  • Stuff costs money
  • And more money. And…
  • How are you supposed to know what Friend A wants when Friend A doesn’t even know what Friend A wants, so Friend A ends up with a toaster.

Sorry Friend A.

Christmas Traditions:

Well…we’re pretty spontaneous so I can’t really think of any set in stone traditions, but there is ONE thing we do every year….

Dirty Santa….

We always do Dirty Santa at my Aunt April’s house and the whole family (or most of us anyway) comes over and we each bring a present, but something we already have around the house.

This year I brought a small Starbucks jar filled with SO MANY tiny little folded up pieces of paper, that took FOREVER to make!! But anyway, each paper says some sort of inspirational quote, or compliment. Some examples are:

– Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.
– In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.
– A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.
– Your smile puts the city lights to shame.

So yeah, and then I made 10 bags of cotton candy with the cotton candy machine I got for my birthday!!

FROM Secret Santa, I got a batch of some magical home made fudge from dear old grandpa. Yum.

Overall it was really fun.


I got AWESOME things this Christmas!!

  • A set of really pretty fabrics from my grandma so I can sew things. So far I’ve made a neck pillow, a headband, and a scrunchie. I’m currently making an adorable owl phone case.
  • An Olaf themed robe and an Olaf stuffed animal. Who can get enough OLAF!!! ♥

I constantly use Olaf quotes. A few of my favorites are:

“HI! We were just talking about you! Oh, don’t worry – all good things, all good things.”

“Yeah, why?” *cue the arm flailing*

“I’ll distract him while you run.”

  • Cute pajama set


  • Sphero SPRK+ (Battery and accessories included)

Just in case you don’t know what a sphero is, it’s a robotic ball that you control with your tablet, and you can program it to do things like fetch, play pong, and run obstacle courses. It’s so cool.


Christmas time is so the best time of the year, it’s always so fun and exciting and happy. COMMENT WHAT YOU GOT THIS YEAR!






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