Hack for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is well known as one of the worst positions to sleep in, and for good reason. Try walking around all day with your neck cranked to one side and see how good you feel. It’s no different when you’re sleeping, and can cause some serious problems over long periods of time. But who can help it if it’s the most comfortable way to get some shut eye? (not me)

So, during my long nights spent sleeping on my back and side, rolling around and trying to resist the urge of stomach sleeping happiness, I have developed a hack which will allow us to essentially sleep face-down. That is, without having to use one of THESE…


…masterful contraptions. Someone needs to invent a pillow you can breathe through.

So, it’s actually pretty simple. Just buy a cheap, thick neck pillow like so:


And turn is where the opening is towards your neck. This way, your face is lifted off the bed so you can breathe. Happy sleeping!



One thought on “Hack for Stomach Sleepers

  1. I just watch a video on posture and then one on sleep deprivation. In the posture vid it talks about how it is best to sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs and the sleep deprivation one was all about the problems with being sleep deprived. So I decided as it was best for me that I would sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs. After about 15 min of being uncomfortable I decided being sleep deprived was much more life threatening than having bad posture . xD I guess I will have to try this just to be safe.


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