My Year In Memories (and rhymes and pictures)


January was a blast
But why’d it have to pass so fast?

February, I love you
Donuts all a pretty hue


Easter in March was hecka sweet
Bunnies, ‘n eggs, ‘n sugary treats

(we also BEGAN *not finished* remodeling the bathroom)

In April me and Nick coded a game
And we called it Dozeball but it was pretty lame

We also found this orange turtle
And so, to rhyme, I’ll just say hurtle.


In May my grandma came back home
It did her heart some good to roam


June was the month of EPICNESS
I remember it so flawless

We stayed at grandma’s for a week
It was a winning streak
And I was a cool chillaxed dude
Meanwhile Nick ate all grandma’s food

NEXT we camped out at the lake
And boy was that not a mistake!
The fourth of July was so much fun!
Fireworks are better with the fishes, hun

And somehow around our summer pizzazz, Nick and I volunteered at the library! 🙂

At the end of July, Nick and I
Attended the Summer Arts Academy
Where we took a woodworking and sculpture class, as well as a stone carving class.





I owe a special shout out
To this little guy ^

He left a paw print on our heart
And put a jump in our step
And it’s ok he’s gone
Because we’ll never forget

September was so busy
When I think it makes me dizzy!
4 birthdays, one MOVE, several rehearsals,
and to top it all off…


4 GRAND PERFORMANCES!!! of A Murder of Scarecrows.

On the 3rd of October we got a new friend
And this one, I say, will be here till the end.


LOUIE BOW BOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 31st of October, we set out, spirits high
I, dressed as a cat, ready to comply
And we earned ourselves quite a sweet streak
A bag of beauteous candy that lasted no more than a week

November has come and nearly gone
A great wonderful time
Not at all overdrawn
Taters and turkey and gravy, oh my!!
But family brings such a joy
That you simply cannot buy

Oh, how I’m excited for you!
Festive, un-restive, and I’ll never be blue

🙂 🙂 🙂



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