Kass Interviews Kass


*nervous squee*  emoji_sexface

So anywayyyy, the media came last night and I overheard the questions they were asking but they didn’t ask me so I guess I’ll just have to do it myself, ha. :”)

Kass: Tell me a little bit about your character.

Kass: Ok, sure thing! I play the role of Clarice Jarrett, in her late twenties, who was dragged into a mess of a Halloween party by some guy I barely know, and then said guy proceeds to jump through door swinging an axe and yelling bloody murder. It’s a heck of a time. 🙂

Kass: Wow! That’s great! Is this your first show?

Kass: No, it’s my 4th.

Kass: Impressive…what keeps you coming back?

Kass: Well, you see, I LOVE the adrenaline that pumps through my veins when I’m on stage, it’s so exhilarating, and I always make new friends and have a great time. It’s really just awesome all around. 🙂

Kass: Mhm, that sounds like a ton of fun! Last but not least, why should people come to see your show?

Kass: Oh, good question. A Murder of Scarecrows is a hilarious play with lots of ups and downs for the characters, and a very in depth plot. There’s lots of laughs, and lots of thrills and chills, and it really gets you into the Halloween spirit.

Kass: It does! Well, thank you for your time, break a leg!

Kass: Thank you! 🙂




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