What I Don’t Understand About People Who Don’t Wanna Travel

Sure, this could be my Sagittarius talking…

But it’s not, so sit down. Are you ready for this?

Your body…was not mean to stay still. What? It wasn’t?!

UHNO! The way our bodies are built, they are literally designed to be in motion, almost all the time. ALMOST 24/7. With the exception of sleeping.

I cringe every time I think of myself, laying in my bed for like 6 HOURS per day, on my computer doing school. (yah that’s right I do school in my bed)

I cringe! I think of my muscles (not the ones in my arms cuz those barely exist), but the ones in my legs and stuff, deteriorating, inside of me. I think of my heart, slowly pumping out molasses-like blood, and it oozing through my arteries until it reaches my exhausted kidney or something. I think of myself, being a weak little sapling because I’m not giving my body what it NEEDS!

I’m getting off topic, but yes, our bodies were meant to move. And our minds were meant to be stimulated and active! What’s stimulating about the same old place, the same old routine, every single day! That’s not life.

So I was talking to my sister, and I happened to mention my uncurable wanderlust virus, and I said, “Wouldn’t you love to travel?”

And she said no.


She went on to tell me it’s because she wasn’t gonna run away from life to go on some “adventure”, and that she didn’t mind doing the same things everyday.

And that’s when I realized we have a very, VERY, different idea of what life really is.

I was confused by her answer, because I didn’t think traveling was running AWAY from life, traveling is living.

My sister told me what she thinks is living.

She said it’s settling down with a family, and getting a job and stuff.

See… I think living is exploring. Getting out of your comfort zone. Having fun and doing what you love.

Life should never be a “routine”. It should be extraordinary. It should be YOURS.

Another reason I believe that we were meant to travel, is because God made this world for us. This whole wide world, is the best gift we could ever, ever, get. Our planet is the most amazing thing, and our lives are so short.

Who in their right mind could throw away that opportunity?

So many people are tied down. So many people are slaves, honestly, to all their crap. What could you possible own, that is more valuable and more precious than Earth itself? A very powerful quote:

Collect moments, not things.

Why I’m going to travel, is a reason that I could not denote to being born in December, to the family I come from, or anything else. Most importantly, it’s in my blood. It’s because I’m human.

I will not live a life of regrets.

I will be free and wild like a wolf.



6 thoughts on “What I Don’t Understand About People Who Don’t Wanna Travel

  1. I love traveling! In fact, I am going on one cruise this month, and one in December! I am so excited!!! 🙂
    Coco Cay here I come! “I will not live a life of regrets. I will be free and wild like a wolf.” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow that sounds so cool! I’m excited for you! I have never ACTUALLY went somewhere (besides South Dakota) and I live in Oklahoma, oh and Silver Dollar City in Branson a LONG time ago, but I’m only 14 so it’s not legal yet. XD I plan to though! ;D What’s all the places you’ve ever been?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very good. I felt moved. xD
    I also think we should go out and explore God’s gift. I mean why else do people wanna see Paris, London, etc.? It’s fun! And it’s amazing that God gave us all these smart brains and wonderful places to enjoy. But in the end I guess it really doesn’t matter how we live, as long as that living is for God and others. Because the greatest gift has come and made a way for the biggest and best gift we could ever receive and I can’t wait to enjoy it, but I will. xD


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