Why InfoWars Is My Favorite News Source

Fox, CNN, News on 6… They all have their claims to fame, whether it be quick news, “important” news (as in, list of football games, times, and dates for the season), or just “in” news. I’m looking at you Hollywood Life. I’m looking at you…

But come on? Who’s really the star here?

Infowars (yes, that’s who) writes articles daily, and truthful articles. They don’t filter their information and they don’t only include what they want us to know. They give us the whole story, and all the facts, and to be honest you really can’t get this info anywhere else, unless you have the very convenient past time of digging around the deepest darkest trenches of the internet when you have a fishy feeling something doesn’t quite add up…

Which most of us don’t.

Infowars often covers stories that have been completely ignored by other news outlets, purposefully, and they keep their readers informed and up to date on things that actually matter in our society. Quick too. As soon as I hear about an incident I can head over to Infowars and they’ll already have an article about it on their homepage, still fresh. So fresh you can see the steamy heat waves rolling off of it… Anyway.

Not to mention, their crew and it’s friends have a keen sense of humor. *cough* Mr. Dice. *cough* What?

Infowars is my favorite source of news, because I know that they’re NOT in it for the money. They’re NOT in it for their own personal gain. They’re in it because they love their country. Everybody involved in keeping Infowars up and running is honestly a hero, and I hope that someday I can join them in the fight for freedom.

Remember, folks. We ARE the resistance.


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