Healthy Habits & Preventing Leaky Gut

Leaky gut…ew.

Sounds gross right? Sounds like…rotten intestines! Infested with bad bacteria! And eating you from the inside out!!

Ok, ok, that may be a little overboard, but the part about the bacteria, is TRUE! ALL true… The following are some symptoms of the evil leaky gut:

  • skin blemishes!
  • overweightness!
  • all your other bodily problems!

That’s because leaky gut is an overwhelming amount of bad bacteria hiding out in your intestines, which leaks and spreads bad health throughout the rest of your body. Think of your gut as your body’s fuel tank. And if you fill your fuel tank with potato grease of course you’re screwing up your car! But if your fill your fuel tank with probiotics and natural foods then your car is going to be happy and drive better I MEAN RIGHT?

It’s like this: there is, of course, going to be SOME bad bacteria in your gut. Say, 20%. And the other 80% of bacteria has to be good bacteria, in order for you to be healthy and happy. Easy enough, right? But when the bad bacteria multiplies, it kills the good bacteria, and LEAKS (leaky good terms eh?) into the rest of your body, causing problems like acne. And when we get acne, or other stuff, we do things to fix it like wash our face and apply special creeeeams! And don’t get me wrong that can help TEMPORARILY, but the problem is, you’re treating the problem and not the solution. *clicks on my movie applause button* Thank you, thank you!

So anyway, these little varmints build shelters for themselves, and hide under them, so not even the tummy pills you see in COMMERCIALS can help you anymore!! Dun, dun, dunnn. And ya know what these guys feed on? Sugar. Ya know what they like even more than sugar? Artificial sugar.

BUT DON’T WORRY! All hope is NOT lost, for there is a solution! And it comes in the form of…sauerkraut. HA! Who’da thought right.

Anyways, the reason is because you need some sort of super-vitapill to come into your body, bypass your stomach acid and bile, and populate your digestive tract with large quantities of good bacteria. These properties can be found in food such as SAUERKRAUT, kefir (a milk product), and kimchi, also fermented vegetables.

But I understand. Most people don’t open their fridge every morning with a massive appetite for delicious sauerkraut, and most people don’t know what kimchi is, nor do they want to. It’s ok. You can at least do ONE thing right.

It’s called…

Balance and moderation.

Suuure, sure. Bad bacteria like sugar but do we so they can get their rotten butts over it. AS LONG! As we use moderation. This means it’s ok to have good food (and by good food I mean bad food) every once in a while! Just make sure to eat your sauerkraut and veggies too, because they are STUFFED with those expensive probiotics that you usually by in a $100 bottle. 🙂

P.S. Next I’m coming out with an informal article about teeth and gums with REAL LIFE info, and some holistic dental care tips and DIY, it might be a series, stay tuned. 🙂


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