Tip the Scales!

Here is a simple exercise I thought of, that might help you get your life together! (I mean, like if it isn’t already.) Well, it won’t actually help with the whole “getting together” part, but it will give you an idea of where you’re at and what you need to work on, all based on your idea of a balanced lifestyle. And the power of organization! 😀

SO! First, gather up all the things that are important to you, or that you would like to work on. Here are mine for an example:

  • a nutritional diet with reliv supplements
  • getting all 100% in my classes this year

Next, you draw out the scales, where you will rate yourself 1-10 on goodness. So 10 means: “I am sooo good at this, and it does not need any time, effort, or dedication at all!”

1 means: “This definitely needs some work…major work.” Here are my scales for the 2 I mentioned:

Nutrition: 4
Grades: 10 (so far)

Now there is a significant difference in my numbers. CLEARLY. And it’s time to prioritize.

Well, these are both very important to me, but it seems that my health calls for me to take DRASTIC MEASURES! So we’ll start with that, and here comes the most important part – ACCOMPLISHING YOUR GOALS! Yes, the goals that we are hereby about to set. Here goes.

I VOW: To write out a copy of what should be included in a healthy meal plan (carbs, protein, fruits & veggies, dairy, etc) in my SPECIAL notebook, AND plan all my meals ahead of time to make sure they have these ingredients for success, AAAANDDD! I will take a reliv shake every morning with my breakfast! I VOW! AAAAAAAHHHH!

That’s a huge vow guys. But, I will follow through, and since it’s so humongi-saurus, I will focus on it right now but here’s a fabulous-grades plan for supplemental purposes. 😀

Well, plan out your day in the morning or the night before, and DO NOT REST until you have completed all of said tasks. Start small and ease into it to discover just how much potential you have. 🙂 Also take good notes for EVERY LESSON.

So you see, those are my vows and goals. And I have strategically planned how to reach my goals and now the only thing left to do is STICK TO IT! And remember how important these are to you, and only hard work can lead to success. 🙂




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