2 in 1: Apple Shine + 30 Seconds for Heaven

Here’s a quick something I just wanted to mention: Apples are good for your teeth. Done! Jk, I’ll explain.

Not only are they super healthy for your body, but NO! They’re also great for your mouth’s microbiome, for 2 reasons.

  1. Apples are fibrous and tough, different from say…a banana, see? So when your eating them, it’s actually like a natural toothbrush! They are scrubbing away at your teeth and cleaning them. Now that one was obvious. This next one’s more scientific. *wink wink*
  2. Now that one was obvious. This one’s more scientific. *wink wink* So apples are mildy acidic, which is GOOD for your teeth! 😀 Because it balances the pH level in your mouth, leading to an overall healthier environment AAAAND fresher breth. You heard me! 😀
  3. BONUS! I just remembered this one. The apple’s fiber actually fills you up longer, which leads to less snacking, ALSO healthier teeth, because people don’t brush their teeth after eating every….single…little…snack! I mean, you don’t, do you? Not to mention fiber is good for your digestive tract…


Now that that’s done, 3o Seconds For Heaven. Do you think that you could spare just 30 seconds every time you get angry or annoyed with someone, in order to become a better, happier person? Correct, you could indeed! Story time.

So, I just so happen to be very good at comebacks. Very. And every time someone gets on my nerves, I just wanna STOMP ON THEIR FACES! No no, figuratively! I just wanna be really rude.. And I know that’s terrible. 😥 And it’s weird, because every time I’m about to say something I know I’ll regret later, God pops into my mind and reminds me of the consequences. I’m not kidding! It really happens. I think, “Oh no, this is so mean of me, but I wanna do it SOOO bad!” And I already KNOW it’s wrong, but it’s like that thing from the prayer, “…and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…” except the temptation is overwhelming because I’m so mad, and I do it anyway and then later I say, “Dear God, please forgive me of my sins…” and plead for mercy.

It’s actually a cycle. And when you’re angry about one things, everything just feels terrible then. You know those tainted goggles, and it seems like life sucks. (or humanity is doomed, either one)

So, I developed a scientific method, except instead of using it for science, I use it for goodness so it’s really like a “goodness method.” And here it is.

Whenever you’re mad at someone, before you say ANYTHING! (or anything more than you already have) just do the in positive out negative thing, and think these thoughts:

  • Think of all the good stuff you have. And something I find never works, is when people say how lucky you are because you have a house and food and stuff, and that you could be homeless and starving. And it’s true, it is, and you are SO lucky, but that doesn’t ever really make anyone feel absolutely better, does it? Think more of the awesome blessings God has given you, and if you can’t think of anything good for now, think about ones from your past, because those are good too.
  • Now that you have your entire life in perspective, does it truly seem logical to make a huge fat deal about this one annoying person? No, no it does not. In fact, will you even remember this fateful incident in a few months? HECK A WEEK? So why remember it now…come take a trip to Coconut Island where we serve free coconut latte’s and coconut cake and also some complimentary coconut shavings because why not. 🙂

So if you stop for just a few seconds, and think about all the good stuff God gave you, would you rather go to heaven or insult this person? HMMM? I know, it’s not worth it. And by the time you forget, you’ll have resisted the temptation and proven your worthiness. Here’s a gold medal. 🙂 gold_medal 





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