The Purposes of Life

I believe there are two purposes in life. One, is why we were put here in the first place – to make God happy. Really, we can’t OFFER anything to God, that he couldn’t have had otherwise, because we are his creations, and only human. But I think we CAN make him happy, by worshiping Him, praising Him, and also just being good kind healthy people, which is what he wants for us and for Earth.

The second purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness. Really, no matter who we are or what we want, every single thing we do in life traced back down to the very root, is only an attempt to make ourselves and the people we love happy, kind of like a Now&Later. (random)

Jobs. They aren’t really FUN to do, and depending on your job you might not derive any happiness from it at all. (or you might, who am I to say) But you do. Because a job makes money and money buys things to make you happy. Like I said, it’s a Now&Later kind of thing. You remember those little candies huh?

There’s even TEMPORARY happiness. Like, playing an app on your phone, or watching a television show, gives you happiness at the time, even if it means nothing to you later.

think the best, most effective, and Godly way to be happy, is naturalness, simplicity, curiosity, and ambition, the will to live, AND to make the most of your body, kind of like a vestibule, or an OPPORTUNITY!

So the best life ever, is achieved by never wasting a single moment (because you only have a jar of them) and doing what makes you happy and what makes God happy, even now AND later. ❤



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