Bragging is Lagging

We all know those people…

“I can do 200 push-ups!”

“I can train a rhinoceros in just a single day!”

“I can make my left eye disappear!”


And so today, I present you with the absolute best, most humble, and honorable way to brag, and it is simply, to not brag at all.  Indeed, you heard me correctly. THE BEST WAY TO BRAG IS NOT TO BRAG! And this may sound extremely contradictory but I assure you it is not. Because of this picture:


Oops, dumb O key. I mean this one:


Ah ha! As you can clearly see, CLEARLY, it says to talk with excessive pride, and self-satisfaction. And that’s just it!

Nobody likes it when people go ON AND ON AND ON talking about everything they can do and this and that and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

But, if you could kindly demonstrate your wonderfully domesticated rhinoceros, who is potty trained and eats popcorn out of your hair and gives free rides, that sir, would be quite a show, and I would LOVE to show you the eyes on the back of my head. 🙂



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