The Sun is Our Friend <3

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish, and have become one with my air conditioned dwelling, and particularly my forever-friend, Mr. Laptop. It’s true. :”) And I thought, this is it. This is the end. I’m an adult now and the sun will never see my face again. I’ve grown beyond it. A TYPICAL DUMB THING I WOULD THINK, I MEAN RIGHT? So I decided to get up – and my chair must have been growing on me or something because I had to lop some vines that mysteriously entwined themselves around me – AND GO OUTSIDE! 😀

And I gave the world a big hug because it’s so precious and I don’t spend enough time with it. Nobody really does these days, and you wouldn’t believe how great it is to just lay in the grass and soak up the sun for an hour – or two! And even the UNBEARABLE heat becomes bearable, and I must have earned a lot of vitamins! I could just imagine the abundance of delectable K2 flowing from the rays of golden sunlight right throughout my entire body.

And you AREN’T going to believe this, but the hot, lethargic sun actually gave me energy! After laying in it for a little while, I just felt so great that I could run around and ride my bike, and I must have lost a GALLON in sweat, WHICH REMINDS ME!

I think it’s good for your skin to sweat, because it’s actually cleaning out your pores, and pushing out any dirt or bacteria that might be hiding in there! Ahhhh, the fresh feel of rejuvenation, it’s empowering. 🙂

A letter to the sun from me:

Thank you my dearest friend, for you make the world go ’round.



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