“She’s bleeding! She’s bleeding!”

“SHUT UP! You’re making it worse, stupid!”

What? I’m bleeding? Where?

Well, it turned out to be a little bit of everywhere, but most notably, my face.

A lot.

Here’s What Happened

Yesterday was a beautiful day, considering it’s February. It was sunny and warm, but not too warm – just right. So I did what any sane kid would do and I went out to ride my bike. I was barely outside when a group of my friends from down the street were calling my name to come play 4-Square with them. Sure, I love 4-Square! So I parked my bike and joined them.

After playing for a while, and losing for a while (because I was at the bottom of a slope – cheat!) we decided to get out the ramps and do some jumps and races. For the first part, I was just watching the boys have highest-jump competitions – but then, they challenged me to go against them! Heck yes!

But my bike wasn’t made for doing tricks, it’s a Mongoose, the heaviest kind. So I had to convince Talon to let me use his bike, because it’s really light and a lot smaller than mine. Questionable decision. So at first he wouldn’t budge.

“You’re gonna break it!” he said, protectively guarding his bike.

“Um Talon. Have I ever broken your bike before? C’mon let me use it.”

Eventually, with a lot of pleading, he agreed to let me use it. Before I raced, I had to test it out a little bit and get used to it, so I backed up not that far, geared up, and jumped the ramp. That was so easy! I easily matched the boys jumps and I wan’t even trying.

Now, Sebastian and I went all the way to the top of the street.

“Ready, Set, GO!!!”

And we went. So fast.

I pedaled as fast as I could down the street, and I remember feeling a tiny bit of fear before I touched the ramp but it was too late to be a fried chicken so here goes!


It happened so fast! I was in the air, and then I was on the ground, within about a second. And at first, I didn’t even know it! (but hey the weather is fiiiine up there)

Next thing I know, there’s a bunch of kids surrounding me, and I hear Sebastian going,

“She’s bleeding! She’s bleeding!”

And Caleb yelling, “SHUT UP!”

Was I really bleeding?

I looked down, and sure enough! My shirt is drenched and my for some reason cupped hand is full of it. Just full. That’s when I lost it. I didn’t even feel any pain at all but just seeing all the blood was enough.

I imagined something gross. I probably looked like a freak! Like this guy!


But no, it was really more like this:


Which isn’t near as bad. Sebastian’s dad get’s me a wet paper towel and they all follow me up to my house, where I am taken to Urgent Care, where I will remain for approximately 2 1/2 more hours, mostly waiting.


A that’s how it looked like all cleaned up and patched up.

So yeah, that’s how I earned myself some stitches, and I dang sure I beat all those boys jumps! And they thought they were savage.

Some Unconventional Advice Your Math Teacher Probably Won’t Approve Of

Now I’m no tutor. In fact, I might be dumber than you.

You stupid rock why would I take advice from a dumb person.

Ahem you’re sentence contained the word “why” leading me to believe that you incorrectly placed a perio-

Whatever just give me the advice so I can thumbs down this article.

Ok, ok jeez no need to be rude gosh.


I just took an incredibly easy math test. It was only 5 questions and it might have taken me a minute. So at the end of all my tests, along with the score I received, I also have the option to see the class average, so I can measure up how I did to my classmates.

So as you can imagine, I was shocked to see that the class average for this particular test was fairly low – 60%.

UM, EARTH TO YOU GUYS! This is the easiest test we’ve had all unit! And I know exactly why I scored significantly higher than my peers…

And I’m not trying to brag or be rude or say how much smarter I am, ok? And the truth is…

I get the problems right, cause I do the problems wrong.

Wouldn’t Thomas Pain be just devastated to hear that alas, all common sense has been stashed away in some foreign chamber located in the deep dark depths of our brain, and in the place of it, there’s this thing some like to call…. Common. Core.

Who would replace “sense” with “core”. It’s stupid. It’s like an apple core, that you throw in the trash, because it’s EMPTY.

Ok enough with the dumbness I’m here to tell you something important. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my math teacher – she’s great! I mean just look at this screenshot:


She treats us to her spendid singing on a daily basis. She’s cool.

And BECAUSE I love her, I volunteer. Like a lot. In every one of her classes, she has a plethora of math problems in the need of SOLVE-ation. Haha, get it, get it? No…? Ok.

And I have anothor classmate, Holly, and she also loves to volunteer. So Mrs. Grunewald’s classes go a little bit like this:

Mrs. G: MY WONDERFUL, AMAZING STUDENTS! *happy happy joy joy* Who would like to volunteer to solve this math problem? Anyone, anyone?

Me and Holly: *has our fingers waiting on the Raise Hand button* *immediately clicks the button rapidly as soon as we hear the syllable V in a desperate attempt to be first*

Mrs. G: Holly, Kassidy…wonderful, yes. Do we have any other volunteers?

*crickets chirp*

Mrs. G: Greeeeaaaaaaat! Ok (Holly or Kassidy) you’re up.

Then me and Holly take turns solving 20+ problems for the rest of the session because nobody else volunteers.

I think I’ve made my point. 🙂

But a lot of the time, when I’m joyfully solving my problems, and having a merry old time, and when I proudly present my answer to Mrs. G on a gold platter, she says something along these lines:

“Well, yes and no.” *whoopee cushion deflates*

B-b-but, I did everything you asked. I solved the problem. What more do you want? And let me show you how solve the problem.

Problem: 2+2 = ?

Me: 2+2 = 4. OOOOH MRS.G I’M DONEEE!!!!

Given, the problem is much more complicated, but I will spare the details because, well…math.

And Mrs. G goes, “You got the answer right, but let me show you the proper way to solve this.”

Problem: 2+2 = ?

Mrs. G: cv4_7

This happens often.

So, long story short: I use my common sense to solve a problem.

My advice to you: Use your common sense to solve a problem.

And I get it, you need to know this stuff. So take note of the formulas, the acronyms, the loooong complex math your teacher uses to solve a simple equation, and learn it. But hey. Just sometimes, you can save yourself the trouble, and take a second to look at the problem like a normal human being, instead of like a mathematician.

I know how to do what she does, but I choose to do it the logical way, the way that’s obvious the second you look at the problem, and the way that makes sense. And I know that most likely, the reason my classmates are getting failing grades on simple tests is because they flip out thinking of all the weird crap they’re gonna have to do to solve this problem, when it’s actually simple enough to solve in your head.

So there’s your advice from a rock.

Peace. 8cccad3a05bff4242557c3a90cc179e1

Josh Wolf

          Josh Wolf is a freelance journalist and blogger who, in 2006, was jailed for refusing to turn over unpublished video footage he shot during a street brawl in San Francisco, CA. Furthermore, when asked to testify before a U.S. Grand Jury, he declined, and wouldn’t budge in his decision.

          Despite Wolf’s case seeming potentially reasonable, none of the rights in the first amendment are applicable, and therefore can offer him no protection in the court. For example:

  1. The grand jury is not prohibiting the free exercise of a religion.

  2. The grand jury is not abridging his freedom of speech, nor press, but rather requesting to see the footage which he has not made public.

  3. The grand jury is not prohibiting Wolf from peacefully assembling, and neither are they prohibiting him from petitioning.

Therefore, a call to the first amendment would be invalid in this particular case.

          Moreover, Wolf defends himself with the shield law, which protects journalists from having to reveal confidential sources. While in an ordinary case, I believe this would have been sufficient in keeping Wolf out of jail and his video unpublic, this case was different in that Wolf’s sources could have possibly contained footage of attempted arson on a government-financed vehicle.

          In conclusion, Wolf was put in jail temporarily and the grand jury was able to gain access to Wolf’s footage.

What do YOU think? Should Josh Wolf have been able to keep his video footage private, or was it just for the grand jury to investigate? 

Tips on (Actually) Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions

Yep. I can just feel it. 2017 is gonna be my year…

These are the words proudly proclaimed by thousands of people as they wake up on New Year’s morning motivated, refreshed, and ready for change. Unfortunately, only a few of them will actually stick to their resolutions. Each passing week claims a few unlucky victims, until the only people who are left are the strategic, hard working, and dedicated. These are the ones who will succeed.

So you might have a question…Or a few.

How exactly can you become one of these “achievers”? Keep on reading for a few pointers!

Continue reading “Tips on (Actually) Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions”


As a part of my New Years Resolutions, I have decided that I need to post on my blog more frequently. Blogging will be a huge portion of my future profession, it’s even in the name – travel blogger. So with my blog right at my fingertips, I think it’s preposterous that I don’t use this time to practice more often, for what I wish to be doing for the rest of my life. You can’t just be, you have to become.

But how much more often should I post? Well currently I post once or so a month, with the exception of a few spurts here and there when motivation has struck me. Here’s a quote I wrote a few nights ago:

The key to success is motivation
The key to motivation is aspiration

Every success begins with a dream…

So I’ll hold myself to once a week for now. I’ll also try to be less sporadic in my choice of topics, and I am going to stick to a lifestyle theme.

PHEW! Now that I’m finished with this dull post I can get to the good stuff! Also I’m not adding any tags because I want as little people to see this as possible but I felt obligated to write it. So there.

See you tomorrow, BLOG!



Did I make a post for Halloween? No.

Did I make a post for Thanksgiving? No…


I don’t care if it was yesterday, Christmas is fair game until January 1st so



Christmas, oh Christmas! The day of the year we all love and cherish and are kind of sad when it slips through our fingers and we have to wait allllll the way till next year again.

Though I have to say Christmas shopping isn’t that fun. I did it for my first time this year, like my first REAL time cause when you’re 10 and you draw a picture it doesn’t really count.

Good things about Christmas shopping:

  • Well you only do it at Christmas time so that’s a plus.
  • It involves thoughtfulness and who doesn’t like a nice good season just BRIMMING with thoughtfulness. Deep, deep……thoughtfulness.


Bad things about Christmas shopping:

  • Stuff costs money
  • And more money. And…
  • How are you supposed to know what Friend A wants when Friend A doesn’t even know what Friend A wants, so Friend A ends up with a toaster.

Sorry Friend A.

Christmas Traditions:

Well…we’re pretty spontaneous so I can’t really think of any set in stone traditions, but there is ONE thing we do every year….

Dirty Santa….

We always do Dirty Santa at my Aunt April’s house and the whole family (or most of us anyway) comes over and we each bring a present, but something we already have around the house.

This year I brought a small Starbucks jar filled with SO MANY tiny little folded up pieces of paper, that took FOREVER to make!! But anyway, each paper says some sort of inspirational quote, or compliment. Some examples are:

– Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.
– In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.
– A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.
– Your smile puts the city lights to shame.

So yeah, and then I made 10 bags of cotton candy with the cotton candy machine I got for my birthday!!

FROM Secret Santa, I got a batch of some magical home made fudge from dear old grandpa. Yum.

Overall it was really fun.


I got AWESOME things this Christmas!!

  • A set of really pretty fabrics from my grandma so I can sew things. So far I’ve made a neck pillow, a headband, and a scrunchie. I’m currently making an adorable owl phone case.
  • An Olaf themed robe and an Olaf stuffed animal. Who can get enough OLAF!!! ♥

I constantly use Olaf quotes. A few of my favorites are:

“HI! We were just talking about you! Oh, don’t worry – all good things, all good things.”

“Yeah, why?” *cue the arm flailing*

“I’ll distract him while you run.”

  • Cute pajama set


  • Sphero SPRK+ (Battery and accessories included)

Just in case you don’t know what a sphero is, it’s a robotic ball that you control with your tablet, and you can program it to do things like fetch, play pong, and run obstacle courses. It’s so cool.


Christmas time is so the best time of the year, it’s always so fun and exciting and happy. COMMENT WHAT YOU GOT THIS YEAR!





Delayed Birthday Post

I wrote this on the 20th. Sorry!


On the 19th, I turned 15 years old. Aaaanciiieeentttt. Just kidding, but I do feel pretty weird about it. Like where did all those years go?! HUH? It’s funny how in life we choose a few big memories, and those are always what we think about when we’re feeling nostalgic. No ol’ prune sits down on a rocking chair looking out the window, and says “ohhh, if ONLY I could go back to that one day when I slept in till 12.” NONE. They think about the days when they did something with their life, even if it was pretty small. Like going on a hiking trail with your family or the look on mom’s face when she opens your present on Christmas morning. Those are the times you remember.

Lately, every wasted minute I think about makes me cringe. “Disgusting” I think. And imagine. Just imagine if you had a big pile in front of you of all the minutes in your life that you’ve wasted. And you got to reuse them. Think of all the things you could do, in just the time that you spent on the couch or in bed or on your phone or NOT doing the things that you love? It’s like a whole other life. But what exactly makes a minute *wasted* after all? Well, a minute wasted is a minute that doesn’t make you happy, or do something to improve the quality of your life. That’s a minute wasted.

Laughing with your family? No! That’s not wasted at all. Doing your homework? Ha, as much as we’d like to think it is, no. That’s not wasted. Rule of thumb: If it makes you happy, it’s not time wasted. If it will help you in the future, it’s not time wasted. If you love it, it’s not time wasted. If it’s for the good of other people, it’s not time wasted. If it only distracts you from your true goals, if it’s not REAL life, if it’s only a barrier in your path to success, kick it. You can do better.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. Life is only what we make it. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. What’s gone is gone and now is here.

Life. Is. Yours. Do something.

Hack for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is well known as one of the worst positions to sleep in, and for good reason. Try walking around all day with your neck cranked to one side and see how good you feel. It’s no different when you’re sleeping, and can cause some serious problems over long periods of time. But who can help it if it’s the most comfortable way to get some shut eye? (not me)

So, during my long nights spent sleeping on my back and side, rolling around and trying to resist the urge of stomach sleeping happiness, I have developed a hack which will allow us to essentially sleep face-down. That is, without having to use one of THESE…


…masterful contraptions. Someone needs to invent a pillow you can breathe through.

So, it’s actually pretty simple. Just buy a cheap, thick neck pillow like so:


And turn is where the opening is towards your neck. This way, your face is lifted off the bed so you can breathe. Happy sleeping!


My Year In Memories (and rhymes and pictures)


January was a blast
But why’d it have to pass so fast?

February, I love you
Donuts all a pretty hue


Easter in March was hecka sweet
Bunnies, ‘n eggs, ‘n sugary treats

(we also BEGAN *not finished* remodeling the bathroom)

In April me and Nick coded a game
And we called it Dozeball but it was pretty lame

We also found this orange turtle
And so, to rhyme, I’ll just say hurtle.


In May my grandma came back home
It did her heart some good to roam


June was the month of EPICNESS
I remember it so flawless

We stayed at grandma’s for a week
It was a winning streak
And I was a cool chillaxed dude
Meanwhile Nick ate all grandma’s food

NEXT we camped out at the lake
And boy was that not a mistake!
The fourth of July was so much fun!
Fireworks are better with the fishes, hun

And somehow around our summer pizzazz, Nick and I volunteered at the library! 🙂

At the end of July, Nick and I
Attended the Summer Arts Academy
Where we took a woodworking and sculpture class, as well as a stone carving class.





I owe a special shout out
To this little guy ^

He left a paw print on our heart
And put a jump in our step
And it’s ok he’s gone
Because we’ll never forget

September was so busy
When I think it makes me dizzy!
4 birthdays, one MOVE, several rehearsals,
and to top it all off…


4 GRAND PERFORMANCES!!! of A Murder of Scarecrows.

On the 3rd of October we got a new friend
And this one, I say, will be here till the end.


LOUIE BOW BOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 31st of October, we set out, spirits high
I, dressed as a cat, ready to comply
And we earned ourselves quite a sweet streak
A bag of beauteous candy that lasted no more than a week

November has come and nearly gone
A great wonderful time
Not at all overdrawn
Taters and turkey and gravy, oh my!!
But family brings such a joy
That you simply cannot buy

Oh, how I’m excited for you!
Festive, un-restive, and I’ll never be blue

🙂 🙂 🙂


The 8 Stages of Theatre Kids

Stage 1: Auditions


Stage 2: You got the part


Stage 3: First Rehearsal

Oh boy, I am so happy! This is great! I love theatre! ❤

Stage 4: Mid-Rehearsals

I’m a little tired…

Stage 5: Still Mid-Rehearsals

I am so freaking tired.

Stage 6: Only a few rehearsals left


Stage 7: Night before opening night

What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do! Maybe I can pretend I can died or something. No that’s stupid. There’s no way to get out of this. I have cold sweats. I’m gonna faint onstage. I’m doomed!

Stage 8: Right after opening show

That was the most spectacular thing I ever did omg I am soo happy!!! I can’t believe myself getting all worked up like that! I ❤ theatre this is so great! Thanks God. ❤

It’s aaaaalllll worth it in the end.